GNCHR presents the documentary film "A story of Human Rights: 25 years of the Greek NHRI and 10 years of ENNHRI"



The Greek National Commission for Human Rights (GNHCR) has the pleasure to present the documentary film: “A story of Human Rights” to mark the 25th anniversary of the GNCHR as well as the 10th anniversary of the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI) in which GNCHR has been an active member since 2013.

Throughout the film, GNCHR President Professor Maria Gavouneli, refers to the foundation of the GNCHR, its mandate, its current activities at national and international level, as well as its role in its international networks. In addition, contemporary challenges faced by the Greek NHRI today and for the years to come are explained. GNHCR President tackles a number of human rights issues at the core of GNCHR interests, such as gender-based violence, Roma inclusion, refugees and racist violence, LGBTQ+ rights, labor rights and accessibility for people with disabilities, commenting on 6 personal stories/narrations by people with prominent action in the field, namely:

  • Sofia Bekatorou, Olympic Games Gold Medalist in Sailing, prominent figure of the greek #MeToo movement
  • Alexandra Karagianni, GNHCR Alt.Member, Special Secretary for Human Rights of the Panhellenic Confederation of Greek Roma (ELLAN PASSE)
  • Yonous Muhammadi, Founder and Director General of the Greek Forum of Refugees (Greek Forum of Refugees is among the member organisations of the Racist Violence Recording Network initiated by GNCHR and UNHCR Greece)
  • Anna Apergi, GNCHR member, President of the Greek Transgender Support Organisation (SYD)
  • Demetrios Karageorgopoulos, Secretary of Press and Public Relations of the Greek General Confederation of Labour – GSEE (GSEE is among the organisations designating members at the GNCHR)
  • Ioannis Vardakastanis, GNCHR member, President of the National Confederation of Disabled People of Greece (N.C.D.P.)

In the last part of the documentary, ENNHRI’s Secretary General Debbie Kohner praises the GNCHR’s work at national level and its active contribution to the European Network. Regarding the foundation of ENNHRI, which has been a milestone for European NHRIs, D.Kohner explains how the institutions came together to agree their objectives, their ways of working and their values which are the principles of a human-rights based approach, as well as independence and solidarity.

Since the establishment of ENNHRI, 10 years ago, the EU, the Council of Europe and ODIHR recognized NHRIs as vital actors for the promotion and protection of human rights, democracy and rule of law across Europe. In this last part of the film ENNHRI’s SG notes an increase in conflict and societal tension within Europe and afield, which has led to a huge displacement of individuals, claiming that policy reactions to displacement and conflict situations are often insufficient to truly protect the human rights of people impacted. D.Kohner finally refers to the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Climate Crisis in the protection of human rights, underlining the importance of GNCHR’s 25th anniversary.

The documentary was produced in collaboration with the distinguished journalist and producer Sofia Papaioannou and was co-funded by the EU in the context of ENNHRI Small Grants program (SGA-CERV-2023-03). The film was first presented on December 11th 2023, at a major in-person event which was held at the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens, Greece, with the participation of representatives from Ministries, International Organizations, NGO’s , Academics, Media e.t.c. and under the auspices of the e Hellenic Broadcasting Company (ERT).


Subtitles: Kelly Diavati

Special thanks to ENNHRI and Greenpeace Greece for kindly authorising plan recording permission.

Views and opinions expressed are those of the speakers only and do not necessarily reflect those of the EU or ENNHRI. Neither the EU nor ENNHRI can be held responsible for them.

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