The GNCHR and the European Union

The UN Paris Principles provide for that the NHRIs have the obligation to cooperate with the UN and any other body in the UN system, the regional and national institutions of other countries, competent for the protection and promotion of human rights. In addition, the NHRIs are to encourage the ratification of international human rights acts as well as to contribute to the reports submitted by the Member States to the UN bodies and committees and other regional organizations. Furthermore, following the provisions of its legislation, the mission of the GNCHR is to exchange experiences at international level with the respective bodies of international organizations, while at the same time it is responsible for formulating an opinion concerning the reports which the country will submit to international organizations with the intention to maintain permanent communication and cooperation with international organizations, similar bodies of other countries, national or international Non-Governmental Organizations. Furthermore, the GNCHR is competent to submit relevant comments and opinions to the State regarding the adaptation of Greek legislation to the provisions of international law for the protection of human rights.

In this context, since its establishment, the GNCHR maintains systematic cooperation with the European Union ( and its institutions and especially with the Fundamental Rights Agency (“FRA”, The cooperation at hand consists of the monitoring of the implementation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights provisions ( within the Greek legislation, the submission and preparation of reports, the co-formulation of the European strategy in the various fields of human rights and action plans, the establishment of joint tools concerning the awareness and promotion of human rights and the participation in relevant working groups, meetings or other activities.

The GNCHR also cooperates with the European Union as a member of the European Network of National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (ENNHRI,, which has developed institutional cooperation with the EU institutions and bodies and implements programs related to the promotion of human rights.

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