We can change it! GNCHR video spots for International Women's Day 2023

We can change it!!!

In a statement on International Women’s Day (8 March) UN Secretary-General  António Guterres pointed out that at the current rate of progress, it will take a stunning 286 years for women to close gender gaps in legal protection and remove discriminatory laws against women.

Can we wait? Can we change it? On March 8, the Greek National Commission for Human Rights joins its voice with the wonderful children of the 1st Class of Tolo Elementary School to put an end to gender discrimination!


Spot 1:


Spot 2: 


Directed by: Konstantinos Stathias, Angelos Athanasopoulos

Production: Nonstop Media


*Warm thanks to the teacher Nikos Galanis, the parents and teachers of Tolo Elementary School and the School Director Costas Tokatlidis for the excellent cooperation and hospitality. Above all, special thanks to the wonderful children of the First Class of the Elementary School that have been an inspiration to all of us!

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